The pics I took in Raleigh

The compression is rather sucky, but they're really small. The pics are links to better and bigger versions.

Dexter, my hat and Tusa trying to catch some sleep

Some mailbox in the form of a pig


Ecaf havin the time of his life in a convertible

Some chick Ecaf and me picked up with the convertible

Just kidding. It's Riana, and that's me taking a pic of her

The strain of driving around in a convertible was too much for Ecaf, Riana provides the relief

BC tries to figure out where to put the next wire

Guess what, none of these are his, neither are all the cables running through the room

Let's get cookin!

BC and Riana's small backyard

"Oops, I think we're stuck"

A very cool Jeep trying to pull us out

"I'm taking a piucture of the car, seriously!"

We finally got pulled out by, guess what, a humvee